Book Release Presentation
University of Pittsburgh
Medical Center
Published on Nov. 26, 2017

Josh Summers & David Lesondak
Published on Mar 12, 2018


November 27, 2017
 Anita Boser
2018 Planning Committee
Fascia Research Congress


The New, Indispensable Fascia Text

Books about fascia tend to fall into one of two categories. They either tend to be scientific with an abundance of six syllable words or so simplified to be inaccurate. This book is rare in that it explains fascia correctly and makes the science understandable to the layperson. The author has so many metaphors and similes that bring the scientific concepts to life. The writing is exceptional, and the illustrations in this book are even better than the writing. Some of the most complicated, but fundamental processes, are succinctly diagrammed. I am particularly impressed with the figure that illustrates mechanotransduction: how forces in the fascia are transferred to the cell nucleus and the figure that shows the percentage of sensory and motor nerve endings in fascia. Both make pages of reading understandable in one visual. Fantastic! There are hundreds of other illustrations, so the concepts are all described in words and pictures.

This book is a wealth of information for anyone who works with fascia, either professionally with clients or personally with foam rolling or other fascial techniques. If you have any interest in anatomy, you will learn so much about how your body can work better and what you can do to facilitate better function throughout your life.