May 8, 2018
Baltimore, MD


Smart Phone, Dumb BioMechanics. Fascia-Based Pain Relief for Modern Times

Presenters: David Lesondak, BCSI, AS, Pittsburgh, PA, United States

This “hands on” workshop will enable participants to effectively identify and treat common musculoskeletal/myofascial pain associated with postural deviations, including habitual cell phone usage . Participants will learn about the fascia’s role as a tissue and sensory system. Both postural identifiers and palpation-based assessments will be taught, as well as well as 5 fascia-based approaches that directly and comfortably target specific structures to enable participants to provide and experience immediate relief. Some hands-on manual skills are recommended but not required.

Poster Presentation

Fascia Mond Body Poster Flyer size.png


Pre-Conference Workshop &
Conference Speaker
University of Florida
5th Annual Integrative Medicine
Workshop and Conference
April 20-21, 2018